About Us

We are a “federation” of owners who have invested time and effort to inform ourselves of many facts about our community.  Over the past 4 years, we have been amazed at what we learned. We decided that we have an obligation to all owners to pass on the knowledge we gained so that they too might become “Informed Owners”.

Therefore, we are committed to gathering factual information related to governance of our 5,600+ owner community and publishing it to any subscriber who requests a copy. (We are a “permission-based” emailer.)

Our legal address is

6277-600 Carolina Commons Drive, #201, Indian Land, SC  29707

You may email us at SCCLGIO@ATT.NET

Many of the original founders of this movement have committed themselves to contributing their efforts in many different ways, including serving on Chartered Committees and the Boards of both the Master Association and the Carriage Homes Association. Former founding contributors currently or previously serving in leadership roles include Bob Ijames, Bob Kiener, Rick Kremer, Jim Mayer, Paul Purfield. and Leroy Rosenberg.

Those of us who contribute to this newsletter do so out of a deep belief in the principles of democracy enshrined in our country’s founding documents: The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, especially the first ten amendments known as the “Bill of Rights.”

We firmly believe there is no challenge facing us that, working together, we cannot solve providing we have a common understanding of the facts.

The GIO Newsletter is currently drafted by Peter Gertler and edited by various volunteers who support our mission and contribute on an as-available basis.

October 10, 2018