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Back Issues of some weekly GIO Newsletters:

September 28: Earth Movement

Pod Transitions, Conclusions

2014 Year in Review

January 25: Streets, Earth Movement, and Contacts to write to

March 22: Compliance, Critical Element of Deed Restricted Community

March 29: Modifications Explained

June 14: Transparency, Carriage Homes - Pulte Conflict of Interest

June 21: Committee Activities; More Conflicts of Interest

July 5: Jon Cherry Plays Hardball; HOAC

August 9: Big Positive Changes Happening: Jon Cherry Meeting

August 16: Jon Cherry Communicates; HOAC Updated; Road Dispute; Transparency

August 23: Change Signals from Pulte, FSR

August 30: Section I: Jon Cherry - More Change?

September 6: Jon Cherry Meets Neighborhood Reps First Time in Five Years

September 13: Committees; “Trust Must Be Earned”; Checking the Box

September 27: Committees; Jon Cherry re: First Service & Missing Documents

October 4: Committees; Pulte Pays for Bethpage Soil Collapse; The Communicator

October 18: Declarant Update Deception

October 25: Your Vision; Important Storm Water Ruling from DHEC

November 8: Committees; Newsbits; We are different!

November 15: Lancaster County Non-Acceptance of Roads; DHEC Inspection

November 22: Carriage Homes Success!; Developer Update; “Open” Board Meetings 

December 6: Street Collapse, Jon Cherry Response; Committees

December 13: Jon Cherry Delivers!; Committees; Lancaster County & Roads

December 20: Various Groups Happenings; Lancaster County; Jon Cherry Updates

January 3:   2015-The Year in Review;   2016-The Year Ahead

January 10: Committees; “Governance Structure” Controls Slate of Board Candidates

January 17: Committees; Where We Were, What We Have Accomplished in 1 Year

January 31: More on Soil Collapses

February 7: Committees; Jon Cherry Pulte dispute with South Carolina DHEC

April 3: Transition: The Real Thing is Happening; Pulte Releases Carriage Homes

April 17: Owners Step Up; Four Owners File Complaints Against Association

May 1: Transition Committee; Pod P Owners Explain How to File Complaints

May 15: Owners Step Up; Editorial - Soil Collapses

May 22: “On The Record”; Board Not; Transition Committee re: “Closed Sessions”

May 29: Introductions of Candidates in Their Own Words (Video Links)

June 5: Different Points of View, Threatt v. Garcia; Commentary - Why Transparency

June 6: CORRECTION of Pat Peters Statement re: Executive Sessions

June 12: Differing Points of View; Closed Meetings; Finance Committee re: Clubs

June 19: Father’s Day; End of Closed Meetings?; Board Meeting Tomorrow

June 26: Board Meeting Reveals Split Among Directors; Editorial

July 3: Happy Birthday America; Board Candidate Resumes; Friday Flash; other

July 10: Board Splits on Issue of “Executive Sessions” and Press Recording

July 17: Candidates’ Closing Statements at Final Candidate Forum

July 17: Committees Struggle with Pulte “Disconnect”; Editorial re: Jon Cherry

July 27: Special Edition: Board’s Resolution Re: Recording; Candidates Responses

July 31: Letters to the Editor w/Different Views; Why the Two-step Election Process?

August 7: Committees/Board Council; Committees; Club Presidents Meeting

August 14: Taking a Lap!; Kudos to All Owners United; Kudos to Committees

September 18: Owners cannot see “The Book”, Tech Committee dispute w/Board

September 25: Board Members Split on Governance Philosophy; How to Complain

October 9: More Insight Into Governance Philosophy; Update on Roads Dispute

October 22: Drainage System in Sun City Carolina Preserve; Jon Cherry Explains

October 26: Lancaster County Offers Pulte a Resolution to Roads Dispute

November 6: Soil Issues Continue to Come Out; More on Lancaster County Proposal

November 8: Special Issue, Letters to Mr. Cherry & his Bosses re: Roads Proposal

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