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Back Issues of some weekly GIO Newsletters:

January 14: HOAC Sets New Direction; Board Workshop Long & Promising

January 29: Jon Cherry Interview

February 5: Finally... Board About Pulte “Discussions”; Little Progress

February 26: Pulte “Discussions”, No Material Progress; Turkey Point Landing Owners Meet to Discuss Pulte and Broken Foundations

March 12: Turkey Point Outrage, “No Man’s Land”; Board Meetings

March 26: Turkey Point Still “No Man’s Land”; New Rules from Board of Directors; Magnitude of the Storm Water Control Issue

April 2:   Progress repairing Storm System; The Greatest Sin Foisted On SCCL;

April 9: Major Update from Board re: Pulte Repair of Deficiencies; Board Workshop; HOAC April Meeting

April 23: BoD Debate Garbage Contract; “No Man’s Land”; “Tells” vs. “Asks

May 14: Lodge Pool; Storm Water Quality Unit; Why These Matter to You

May 21: Lodge Pool; Board Directors Expound Their Views re: Garbage Contract;  How Members Comport Themselves

June 4: Progress & Non-Progress w/Pulte Repairs; “SMS4”; HOAC “Best Practices”

June 11: BoD-Committee Workshop; Town Hall re:Landscaping; “They” vs. “We”

June 18: Updates Lodge Pool, Water Quality Unit, Outfalls, Riverbend Weeds

June 25: Update Lodge Pool, BoD Meeting Including Ditchman “Update”; History of Recording Prohibition

July 9: Updates: Recent Resale History; Un-progress on Lodge Pool, Storm Outfall, “No Man’s Land”; Kudo to Steve Anderson

July 16: Detailed Rundown of Board Work Session; Rules; More Rules; Making Progress; “Tells” vs. “Asks” (those who tell you what to do vs. those who ask)

August 6: Resales Not Hurting; Property Deficiencies, Board Continues Information ‘Embargo’; Formal Board Meeting, Director Mayer Objects to New Election Rules

August 13: FINALLY! Clear Statement from Pulte’s Charlotte President Jon Cherry; Where are the Newly Approved Election Rules? Onerous Restrictions on Freedoms

August 20: Another Great Update from Pulte!; Another Letter Objecting to New Election Rules; Board Contradicts Their Own Statement; Storm Water (MS4) & Fee

August 27: Revised By-laws Still Not Posted; Repairs of Property Deficiencies by Pulte; Board Attempt to Shut Down Communication between this Newsletter and Lancaster County - rebuffed; Freedom of the Press?

September 10: Revised Election Rules - Finally; Commentary: Rules are Oppression, Pure & Simple; Kudos

September 17 VOL I:  “The MAGIC” - Who We Are; Certain Clubs Required to Pay Their own Taxes; Commentary: More “Tell”, No “Ask”

September 17 VOL II: Board Workshop, “Town Hall” by Joe Ditchman - Not much to Say; Owner Comments Say Pulte’s Weekly Letter is Misleading, Board Cannot Have it (Committees) Both Ways

September 24: Board Formal Meeting; Four Actions of Note Including Change in Nominations Committee Charter; Six Clubs Say “No” to Board Desired Tax Spinout

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